How to Maintain a Water Heater

Water heaters are truly a boon in winters! The increased usage of heaters all around the globe make it necessary for you to know how can you keep them up and running every season. You invest in superior quality water heaters and don’t want to waste your money into repairs every season.

Hence it is necessary to have knowledge about what kind of maintenance does the water heater require? If you want to maintain your water heater in a manner that it performs at peak efficiency and have a long life then here are some maintenance tips for your quick perusal.

These will not only make it durable but would also ensure that it stays ready and running for next winters!

  1. Check the pressure valve: Water heaters have a pressure valve to maintain the temperature of water. If the pressure of heat in the heater increases beyond the limit then the valve gets opened automatically and closes down after releasing the excess temperature. This is the reason that even if you forget to switch off the heater, it stays alright! You should frequently check that the valve is working fine. You can do so by switching off the power plug and shutting down the supply of cold water into the heater. Now pull the lever on the valve in upside direction and you should hear release of air or some water exit through the valve. If you don’t then it means your valve needs replacement.
  2. Flushing out water tank: The mineral density and the sediments in water can lower down the efficiency of the water heater. Hence, you should flush the tank of water heater by connecting a garden hose to the drain valve of the heater. Make sure that the hose can bear the pressure of hot water. Drain the tank completely so as to ensure that all sorts of dust particles which settle down are removed. After it is drained, allow the cold water inlet to the tank before you turn on the electricity again.
  3. Clear the area around your heater: Your heater should not lie in clumsy area. The area surrounding the heater should be clean and tidy so as to allow the heat or water to escape in case high pressure is built up. Heaters which operate on gas need ample amount of oxygen to burn the gas and if it is deprived of oxygen then it affects the efficiency of the heater. Storing items close to the heater has potential risk of fire as well. Thus, always make sure that like your relationships, you give space to your heaters too!

Once a year, you should also check that the valves and the pipes are not leaking or corroded. Corrosion can lead to combustion issues and impact the functioning of the heaters. Few minutes of basic maintenance every year will maintain the efficiency and safety standard of your water heater! The basic life cycle of water heaters is more than a decade and if they are maintained properly then it would last maximum!

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