Budget-Friendly Home Repair Tips

leaky faucet

Your home needs regular maintenance or upgrading with passage of time as it wears down. Home repairs are crucial but it is not possible to call for professional help and shed out huge money every time.

Therefore it is necessary to adopt some of the budget friendly techniques to keep your home updated. You build lot of memories with your family but a rotting and crumbling house is not something which you want.

So here are some DIY budget friendly repair tips which you can fix with little time and money! No big boo-boos so you don’t really need a professional help!

Install Gutter Guards:

Homeowners often overlook their gutters. “Out of sight. Out of mind.” The problem is, gutters are very important for a home. A cheap and easy DIY project is to install gutter guards. There are several long-term and immediate benefits to install gutter covers on your home. L’Essenziale Home Designs shares just a few of them.

Kitchen Countertops:

Counters of kitchens are exposed to so many scratches and other surface problems which make them lose their finish and shine. They have a rich history of wine spills, dropped pans and sharp objects which leads to their wear and tear. If your kitchen counter has lot of stains then you can simply clean them by making a paste of flour and hydrogen peroxide (easily available at grocery stores as cleaning agent). If you have got wine stains then use bleach instead of peroxide. If there are little cracks which need to be filled then just fill them up layers of epoxy resin and choose a colour which is matching to the colour of stone in your kitchen.

Faulty Cabinet Door:

If you have a cabinet door which doesn’t get closed and you are annoyed with it every time you pass that particular room then here is a quick and simple fix to it. all you have to do is to install a magnetic door catch inside the cabinet parallel to the strike of the door so that every time you close it, it gets attached to that magnet and shuts down. This way you don’t have to invest lot in getting the door aligned properly, you can just get rid of an open cabinet door with this quick fix.

Restore Free Flow of Water to a Faucet:

Leaky faucets are certainly annoying but faucets with low pressure of water are more annoying. If your faucet is also low on pressure then here is a quick and easy fix to it. All you need is a rag or masking tape as they don’t mar the finish of the faucets which pliers can and remove the aerator. Aerator is sort of sieve in the faucet which filters out the dirt and grime from the water. You just have to wash away the sand and other deposits which are on the surface of aerator and soak it in vinegar for some time before your scrub it with toothbrush.

Silencing a Squeaky Floor:

Squeaky wooden floor is an issue which is faced by all of us. The hard part is that the floors are covered with carpet making it difficult to identify the area which is causing issue. You need to use stud finder to locate the floor joists and then attach a trim screw to the tip of your drill machine and drive it down through the carpet, pad and subfloor so as to make your way directly into the joist. Continue adding screws until the squeaking noise stops!

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